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Zookbinders: Choose from value-priced Photo Books and a full line of Flush Mount albums.

With Zookbinders albums, you can choose from a complete line of flush mount albums.  From the value-priced EZ Book, to their signature ZookBook flush-mount album, you’ll love the choices you have with Zookbinders wedding albums – all with custom page layouts designed by Storybook Pages.  Cover options include leathers, fabrics, photo-wraps, and gleaming acrylic photo covers.

Long a favorite of professional wedding photographers, now available direct to brides and families from Storybook Pages.

EZ Book

Zookbinders EZ Book

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ZookBinders EZ Book

The EZ Book is Zookbinders new, value-priced album suitable for duplicate family and parent albums.  The EZ Book features photographic pages, slim, lay flat construction, with a page thickness of 1/64”, and photo wraparound covers. EZ Book is a high-quality, low-priced album making it easy for brides and families to have quality wedding and family albums at a value price.

Style: Photo Book
Pages: Kodak Endura paper, lay-flat binding
Page Layouts: Custom designed, full page printing
Page Thickness: 1/64″
Page Cover & Corner: Square
Gilded Edges: No
Cover Options: Photo-wrap

Lustre Book

Zookbinders Lustre Book

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High Quality Wedding Album from Zookbinders : The Lustre Book

The contemporary look – Square cut, white book blocks, and dozens of cover combinations makes Lustre Book a versatile choice. This flush mount wedding album is printed on professional photo paper which is coated for protection. Available in your choice of regular or thicker pages.
Style: Flush Mount album
Pages: Silver Halide Photographic Paper, mounted on substrate
Page Layouts: Custom designed, full page printing
Page Thickness: Choice of 1/32″ or 1/16″
Page Cover & Corner: Square
Gilded Edges: No
Cover Options: Leather (with or w/o cameo), Leather spine w/ photo front, wraparound, splash leather

Zook Book

Zookbinders Zook Book

  • 01_Zook-Book-with-Reflectionz-cover - Copy
  • 02_Gilded-pages-with-rounded-corners - Copy
  • 02_Reflectionz-cover-with-black-gilding - Copy
  • 03_Zook-Book-with-cameo-cover - Copy
  • 05_Splash-cover-with-twin-cameos - Copy
  • 07_Acrylic-cover-silver-gilding - Copy
  • 08_Zook-Book-with-two-6x6-replica-package - Copy
  • 09_Thick-gilded-pages-with-rounded-corners - Copy
  • 10_Acrylic-cover - Copy
  • 11_Acrylic-detial-with-black-gilding - Copy
  • cmp-04-ZB
  • zook cover

The Zook Book 

The gold standard in the professional album industry, the award winning Zook Book is our best flush mount wedding album.

Style: Flush Mount album
 Silver Halide Photographic Paper, mounted on substrate
Page Layouts: Custom designed, full page printing
Page Thickness: 1/16″
Page Cover & Corner: Rounded
Gilded Edges: Yes
Cover Options: Leather (with or w/o cameo), Leather spine w/ photo front (acrylic or Reflextionz), splash leather

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