This isn’t Your Grandma’s Album

 With Vision Art Albums, you get intense ink-jet prints on archival paper, bound in sleek, lay-flat books in your choice of fabric, leather or photo-wrap covers. Unique. In an elegant and stunning way. Welcome to Vision Art albums.

No – it’s not your grandmother’s album.  But I bet she’ll love it.

Introducing the New Vision Art Fine Art Book.

It’s everything that came before…only better.

Over the last 15 years we’ve lead the way in understanding what photographers and clients are looking for in heirloom quality fine art books. We refined our process to produce the award-winning book that started it all, the Original Fine Art Book. Two other flagship products came along, the Photo Art Book and the Dulce, that further defined what high-quality customizable albums should be.
The new Fine Art Book combines everything you love about the Original Art, Photo Art and Dulce lines to become the most flexible and customizable book on the market. We’ve upgraded our in-house production techniques so that the Fine Art Book can become whatever you need it to be.

All your favorite features from our previous Original Art, Photo Art and Dulce line can be configured into the new Fine Art Book.

  • Same printing with Archival ink on fine art paper makes it museum quality.

  • Each spread’s paper thickness can be either thin spread (20mil / .5mm), so they flex just a little, or thick spread (50mil / 1.3mm), for a sturdier experience.

  • Books available with a minimum of 20 pages, maximum of 100 pages

  • Includes Matte page finish, or upgrade to Photo Finish or Coated Matte finishes.

  • Cover options include Full Photo Wrap, Book Cloth, and a variety of gorgeous leathers and Eco leathers. Cover options include 3/4 binding, cover imprinting, and a variety of cover photo cameo options.

Vision Art Albums : Covers & Extras


Vision Art Cover materials

Browse a rich palette of cover materials in fabrics, leathers, and photo-wrap covers.


Vision Art Albums

Expand you horizons and go beyond a plain cover.  Lots of options to make it your own.


Vision Art Albums

Personalize your album and your cover with slip cases, gift boxes, dust jackets or cover imprinting.

Vision Art Covers : Extras!

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Personalize your album and your cover with slip cases, gift boxes, dust jackets or cover imprinting.

Album Sizes


Duplicate albums up to 20% Off!

Prices : Vision Art Fine Art Book

Vision Art Albums Fine Art Book
Vision Art Albums Fine Art Book
Vision Art Albums Fine Art Book
Vision Art Albums Fine Art Book
Vision Art Albums Fine Art Book

Prices include  album with:
– Full cover in Book Cloth, Exotic Leather, or Cafe Leather
– Regular (Thin) page thickness
– Inkjet matte page finish

For quotes on other features and options, call or e-mail.

Size Pages        



All prices include page design, printing, binding, and shipping to your US location.

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