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Sage Wedding and Family Albums : Cover to Cover Quality

Stunning prints, bound in handcrafted books in covers of luscious leathers, fabrics and smooth metal, you’ve got a lot to like in our selection of flush mount albums and fine-art books from Sage Wedding Albums. Browse the selection right here and let us know what you see that you like. We’ll have one made just for you.

Sage Albums Cover Materials

Choose from rich leathers, fabrics, metal covers, or wrap your book front and back in your favorite images.

Leatherette Covers

Fabric Covers

Leather Covers

Japanese Book Cloth Covers

Linen Blend Covers

Album Sizes


  • 6″x6″

  • 8″x8″

  • 10″x10″

  • 11″x11″

  • 12″x12″


  • 6″x9″

  • 8″x10″

  • 8.6″x11″ (reduction for 11″x14″)

  • 8″x12″ (reduction for 10″x15″)

  • 9″x12″

  • 10″x12″

  • 10″x15″

  • 11″x14″

  • 12″x16″


  • 9″x6″ (reduction for 15″x10″)

  • 10″x8″

  • 11″ x 8.6″ (reduction for 14″ x 11″)

  • 12″ x 8″ (reduction for 15″ x 10″)

  • 12″ x 9″

  • 12″x10″

  • 14″x10″

  • 15″x10″

  • 14″x11″

  • 16″x12″

Sage Wedding and Family Album Prices

All prices include design, printing, binding and shipping to your US address.

Leatherette Cover

album size2030405060708090
8x8, 8x10$601$741$881$1,021$1,161$1,301$1,441$1,581
9x12, 10x10, 12x8, 11x8.6$664$822$980$1,138$1,296$1,454$1,612$1,770
11x11, 10x12$691$867$1,043$1,219$1,395$1,571$1,747$1,923
11x14, 10x14, 10x15 , 12x12$718$894$1,070$1,246$1,422$1,598$1,774$1,950

Fabric & Japanese Book Cloth Cover

album size2030405060708090
8x8, 8x10$619$759$899$1,039$1,179$1,319$1,459$1,599
9x12, 10x10, 12x8, 11x8.6$682$840$998$1,156$1,314$1,472$1,630$1,788
11x11, 10x12$709$885$1,061$1,237$1,413$1,589$1,765$1,941
11x14, 10x14, 10x15 , 12x12$736$912$1,088$1,264$1,440$1,616$1,792$1,968

Leather Cover

album size2030405060708090
8x8, 8x10$646$786$926$1,066$1,206$1,346$1,486$1,626
9x12, 10x10, 12x8, 11x8.6$736$894$1,052$1,210$1,368$1,526$1,684$1,842
11x11, 10x12$763$939$1,115$1,291$1,467$1,643$1,819$1,995
11x14, 10x14, 10x15 , 12x12$808$984$1,160$1,336$1,512$1,688$1,864$2,040

Metal Image Cover

album size2030405060708090
9x12, 10x10, 12x8, 11x8.6$853$1,011$1,169$1,327$1,485$1,643$1,801$1,959
11x11, 10x12$916$1,092$1,268$1,444$1,620$1,796$1,972$2,148
11x14, 10x14, 10x15 , 12x12$943$1,119$1,295$1,471$1,647$1,823$1,999$2,175

Blended Linen Cover

album size2030405060708090
8x8, 8x10$637$777$917$1,057$1,197$1,337$1,477$1,617
9x12, 10x10, 12x8, 11x8.6$700$858$1,016$1,174$1,332$1,490$1,648$1,806
11x11, 10x12$727$903$1,079$1,255$1,431$1,607$1,783$1,959
11x14, 10x14, 10x15 , 12x12$754$930$1,106$1,282$1,458$1,634$1,810$1,986

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