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The MUSE album – Finao’s versatile, mid-priced flush mount photo album.

Finao’s MUSE has flush-mount, lay flat spreads and medium-weight, rigid pages with a just-right hand feel. The lifetime binding has a smooth, square spine that suits any style. Finish it with your choice from any of our brand-new cover materials including leather, faux leather, fabric and photo covers. And give your al bum a unique look with a customizable cover options.

Tell your story in a MUSE – the album that is beautiful in its simplicity.

Cover & Page Options

Find the look you want in your MUSE album.

(click each cover feature to explore)

Cover Imprinting

Yes, we do imprinting, but it is limited. For a wider range of styles and the ability to match personalization to the theme and feel of individual album designs, we recommend you incorporate names & dates into your actual page designs and image covers.
  • Coronation (24 pt. 36 pt.)
  • Fournier (18 pt. 24 pt.)
  • Goudy Cursive (36 pt.)
  • Modern (30 pt. 48 pt.)
  • Pascal (36 pt.)
  • Choice of color foils or blind (no color)

Cover Imprinting

Finao Playbook cut-out
Cover Cut-Outs

Cut-outs offer a distinct option for dressing up your standard covers with images. A window is cut into the cover material and the print is slipped behind it. It does not show through to the first page of the album and needs a separate print. Compatible with all cover materials.
  • Add images to your cover
  • Album sizes 8×8 and up
  • 4×4 cut-out size

Cover Cut-Outs

Photo Wrap and Photo Panel cover

Customize your album to fit your exact needs by selecting a Photo Wrap or Photo Panel cover. Photo Wrap covers are quality photo-paper covers that are laminated for lasting protection. Photo Panels combine your choice of material with a photo-paper cover panel.
  • Custom photo cover
  • Laminated for extra protection
  • Photo wrap available for all sizes
  • Photo panel available on 8×8 and up

Photo Wrap or Photo Panel

Ribbon Tie Option

Add that finishing touch with a ribbon tie. Available in black or white.

Ribbon Tie

Finao Tones Cover
Put a vertical stripe on your cover with the Tones style cover. Mix any two materials to make a first impression.

Finao Tones Cover


Prices For Our Custom Designed Finao MUSE Albums in Standard Cover (non-leather)

All prices include design, printing, binding and shipping to your US location.

page size2030405060708090
3x3, 3½x5, 4x5, 4x6, 4½x6, 5x5$470$582$694$806$918$1,030$1,142$804
4¾x6½, 5x6½, 5x7, 5x7½, 5½x7, 6x6$492$602$712$822$932$1,042$1,152$812
6x8, 6x9, 8x8$560$673$785$898$1,010$1,123$1,235$898
7x10, 7½x9¾, 7½x10½, 8x4 flipbook, 8x10,10x4 flipbook$580$698$815$933$1,050$1,168$1,285$953
8x12, 8¼x10½, 9x12$636$769$901$1,034$1,166$1,299$1,431$1,114
* actual printed size 8.55x11.7 inches
Cover Upgrades
Leather upgrade$90
Cover imprinting per line$40
Cover cut-outs (for 8x8 & larger)$40
Photo wrap cover$40
Photo panel cover (for 8x8 & larger)$60
Tone accent stripe (8x8 & larger, no extra charge for leather tone)$90
Ribbon tie$20

Cover Materials

Wrap your album in luxury


All-natural classic, metallic, & distressed types; may vary from hide to hide


Earth-friendly, with the look and durability of leather; PVC-free


All-natural with touchable surface designs; may vary from hide to hide


A mix of textures, from crisp buckram to silky Asahi


Choice of light, natural or thicker, blended weaves


Luxurious traditional and textured choices

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