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Finao playBOOK™ – Good Look. Good Feel. Good Value.



Finao’s most affordable flush mount album will let you say goodbye to press-printed books!  Pages are back-to-back professional portrait paper—seamless, full-page spreads with the print quality of our high-end albums.

Choose your playBOOK™ as a stand-alone portrait or senior album, or as a duplicate wedding book for family and friends. It makes a perfect custom, lasting guestbooks for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, or retirement. 

Your images deserve a professional presentation—playBOOK™ is a lifetime album that all can afford.

playBOOKS also make great guestbooks for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and senior parties. These are not press-books; playBOOK is the ultimate photo book, featuring high quality silver halide Fuji lustre or deep matte paper.

Cover Materials

Even an affordable album can reflect your individuality. Create a lifetime albums as unique as your occasion. Or design a cover combination that represents your style. It will only take a few minutes to explore our options and inspire your natural creativity.

The playBOOK™ base price includes a traditional cover in any one of our gorgeous standard non-leather materials. From there, it’s a matter of choosing the custom options that are just right for you. Create a personalized display with a a 4×4″ cameo image, a full cover photo wrap, or a photo panel. These personal additions will elevate a plain cover to something special. Except where noted, cover upgrades are available for albums sized 8×8″ and larger.

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Faux Leathers

Happy Cow
Earth-friendly, leather-like material.  Vegan, PVC-free

Faux Leathers


Fabrics you can’t live without (no imprinting/indents)

Stylish silk and linen fabrics: Vegan, no imprinting or indents.

Richly textured and silky fabrics. Vegan, no imprinting or indents

Big, bold fabric patterns: Vegan, no imprinting or indents.

Whimsical woven fabrics: Vegan, no imprinting or indents.


Cover & Page Options

After all…It’s Your PlayBook

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Cover Imprinting

Yes, we do imprinting, but it is limited. For a wider range of styles and the ability to match personalization to the theme and feel of individual album designs, we recommend you incorporate names & dates into your actual page designs and image covers.
  • Coronation (24 pt. 36 pt.)
  • Fournier (18 pt. 24 pt.)
  • Goudy Cursive (36 pt.)
  • Modern (30 pt. 48 pt.)
  • Pascal (36 pt.)
  • Choice of color foils or blind (no color)

Cover Imprinting

playBook Cover Cut-Outs

Cut-outs offer a distinct option for dressing up your standard covers with images. A window is cut into the cover material and the print is slipped behind it. It does not show through to the first page of the album and needs a separate print. Compatible with all cover materials.
  • Add images to your cover
  • Album sizes 8×8 and up
  • 4×4 cut-out size

Cover Cut-Outs

playBook with Photo Wrap and Photo Panel cover

Customize your playBOOK™ to fit your exact needs. Simply select a Photo Wrap or Photo Panel cover instead. Photo Wrap covers are quality photo-paper covers that are laminated for lasting protection. Photo Panels combine your choice of material with a photo-paper cover panel.
  • Custom photo cover
  • Laminated for extra protection
  • Photo wrap available for all sizes
  • Photo panel available on 8×8 and up

Photo Wrap or Photo Panel

Ribbon Tie Option

Add that finishing touch with a ribbon tie. Available in black or white.

Ribbon Tie

Canvas Wrap Covers

Page Style

Prices For Our Custom Designed Finao playBOOK Albums in Standard Cover Materials

All prices include design, printing, binding and shipping to your US location.

Finao PlayBook

Finao Playbook pages
Album size20304050607080
3x3, 3.5x5, 4x5,4x6, 4.5x6, 5x5$440$525$610$695$780$865$950
4.75x6.5, 5x6.5, 5x7, 5x7.5, 5.5x7 6x6$470$562$655$747$840$932$1,025
6x8, 6x9,8x8$514$619$724$829$934$1,039$1,144
7x10, 7.5x9.75,8x4 flipbook, 8x10, 10x4 flipbook, 10x10$535$645$755$865$975$1,085$1,195
8x12, 8.25x10.5, 9x12, 9.5x13, 12x12$586$706$826$946$1,066$1,186$1,306

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