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The MUSE™ – Finao’s versatile, mid-priced flush mount Photo Album

Finao’s MUSE has flush-mount, lay flat spreads and medium-weight, rigid pages with a just-right hand feel. The lifetime binding has a smooth, square spine that suits any style. Finish it with your choice from any of our brand-new cover materials including leather, faux leather, fabric and photo covers. And give your al bum a unique look with a customizable cover options.

Tell your story in a MUSE – the album that is beautiful in its simplicity.

Cover & Page Options

Find the look you want in your MUSE album.

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Finao Muse

Cover Imprinting

Finao Playbook cut-out

Cover Cut-Outs

Photo Wrap or Photo Panel

Ribbon Tie

Finao Tones Cover


Prices For Custom Designed Muse Album

All prices include design, printing, binding and shipping to your US location.

Fuji Lustre Printing

MUSE Prices with non-leather cover
cover size2030405060708090100
3x3, 3-1/2x5,4x5,4x6,4-1/2x6.5x5$593$737$881$1,026$1,170$1,314$1,459$1,603$1,748
4-3/4x6-1/2, 5x6-1/2, 5x7.5x7-1/2, 5-1/x7, 6x6$624$768$912$1,057$1,201$1,345$1,490$1,634$1,779
6x8, 6x9, 8x8$717$873$1,028$1,184
7x10, 7-1/2x9-3/4, 7-1/2x10-1/2, 8x4 flip, 10x4 flip$745$909$1,073$1,237$ 1,401$1,565$1,729$1,893$2,058
10x10$805$977$1,150$1,322$ 1,495$1,667$1,840$2,012$2,185
8x12, 8-1/4x10-1/2, 9x12$825$1,001$1,176$1,351
9-1/2x13$833$1,020$1,206$1,393$ 1,580$1,766$1,953$2,139$2,326
$ 1,662$1,854$2,046$2,238$2,430
Cover Upgrades
Leather upgrade$124
Cover imprinting per line$40
Cover cameo photo (for 8x8 & larger)$68
Photo wrap cover$113
Photo panel cover (for 8x8 & larger)$124
Accent stripe (8x8 & larger)$169
Ribbon tie$20

Fuji Deep Matte Printing

Muse prices with non-leather cover
cover size2030405060708090100
3x3, 3-1/2x5,4x5,4x6,4-1/2x6.5x5$683$870$1,056$1,243$1,429$1,616$1,803$1,989$2,176
4-3/4x6-1/2, 5x6-1/2, 5x7.5x7-1/2, 5-1/x7, 6x6$714$901$1,087$1,274$1,460$1,647$1,833$2,020$2,207
6x8, 6x9, 8x8$805$1,002$1,200$1,398$1,596$1,794$1,992$2,189$2,387
7x10, 7-1/2x9-3/4, 7-1/2x10-1/2, 8x4 flip, 10x4 flip$833$1,051$1,268$1,486$1,703$1,921$2,138$2,356$2,573
8x12, 8-1/4x10-1/2, 9x12$942$1,210$1,478$1,746$2,014$2,283$2,551$2,819$3,087

Cover Materials

Wrap your album in luxury


All-natural with touchable surface designs; may vary from hide to hide


A mix of textures, from crisp buckram to silky Asahi

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